Smart Buildings

Seamless monitoring, security and evacuation

Using passive UHF RFID to seamlessly monitor individual movements in real-time, create automated location-based alerts, report and analyse data and account for individuals in an emergency.



A Global Corporate Consultancy’s new UK HQ was designed and built to be a leading example of open space and hot-desking for their 20,000 UK employees. A leading security consultant was hired by the client to identify an ID card and detection solution that could integrate with 2 different proximity security systems, work with an NFC locker system and detect people moving in open spaces and floor stairwells.


The solution had to be reliable, easy to install and run, and unobtrusive to employees’ daily lives, as well as provide automated detections.

The Solution designed, tested a Triple Tech ID card incorporating 2 proximity antennas and’s unique long-range UHF antenna.


Integrations were completed with the client’s chosen building security and locker systems.


The system was installed and tested by and the clients’ security systems partner

30,000 Triple Tech cards were sourced and co-manufactured by, printed and distributed to 20,000 employees by the client’s FM provider.


Detections from this passive (battery-free) ID card include both short-range tap-ins and long-range (10 metres) RFID detections, which are captured via sensors and reported via the On-Premise Building Security and Locker Systems.

For long-range detection, each person’s presence is captured as they pass a sensor located in the open spaces and stairwells.’s Cloud Platform can provide clients with a Live View of detections, allows for the set-up of custom rules for alerts and provides analytical reports for Security, FM and HR managers via a BI tool interface.



  • One ID card provides security access, locker and floor detections.


  • 100% of employees were detected in the new HQ.


  • Floor occupancy is monitored unobtrusively.


  • People locations updated in real-time from detection to display.


Corporate Real Estate and FM Managers can identify opportunities from historical analysis and trends to maximise occupancy and deliver FM efficiencies.

Occupants can receive custom alerts during breaches, drills or emergency events based on their individual location and characteristics.’s unique platform allows automatic, seamless capture of building occupants without relying on users manually tapping ID cards, downloading apps, or enabling phone settings.

Reception staff can personally greet staff as they enter the building.

Security Managers can make informed decisions based on real-time detections.

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