How It Works

Given the growth of online intermediaries, unprecedented customer choice, and the proliferation of competitors such as AirBnB, the hospitality industry is getting more and more competitive. It is imperative for hotels to find innovative solutions to protect their customer base and install loyalty within it.

Thus, harnessing the potential of customer data to provide personalised, targeted marketing is more important than ever. Typical environments include hotels, VIP & airport lounges and high-end stores with personal shoppers.

Right Person, Right Time, Right Place


Real-time identification with preference notifications as members enter the venue.

Deeper insights into guest behaviour, movements, preferences and spending habits.

VIP detection, delivering exceptional levels of service and interaction with your VIP customers.

Integratable with existing systems of hotel loyalty and door access cards from mag stripe to all NFC lock systems.

Efficiency enhancement, e.g. acceleration of the check-in/check-out processes; scheduling of housekeeping in real time.

Other Solutions

Smart Buildings