Paul Sheedy


Founder, CEO

A serial entrepreneur in innovative technology. His is experienced in loyalty data solutions globally, digital comms, design and detection systems. Previously, Paul was the co-founder of EYC.

At the core of all solutions is digital engagement through smart card detection, data interrogation and communication protocols. In the emerging IoT space are unique in delivering systems that remove all barriers to inclusion and engagement. Our focus is on seamlessly integrated, non-intrusive systems that deliver greater digital detection and improved automated responses to enhance business efficiencies.


Our cutting edge RF platforms have been developed to enable rapid deployment, real time analysis and a huge variety of communication options that result from the Smartcard detections. Whether focused on security, hospitality, grocery or mall loyalty programs, university engagement, enhanced bank cards, membership clubs or fire evacuation systems, deliver inclusive logical deployments that maximise engagement.


The platforms are built to enable real time analysis, transition to next generation communication systems and the knowledge that the core data being extracted is seamlessly positioned for change.

Our patented three step solutions based around detection of our Smartcards, data decision extraction and communications to all mobile devices, delivers a level of insight that transforms efficiencies and enhances customer and employee engagement.

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