Happy New Year from Unifi.id and a Look Back at 2022

At Unifi.id, we are ready to launch into 2023 with more innovation, more progress, and more passion to deliver the solutions for smarter buildings. As we continue to travel towards more technological heights, let’s take a look back at the achievements we made during 2022 – an eventful year for sure.

9 Years of Unifi.id

2022 has been nothing if not interesting. The turbulence brought on by coming out of the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, and the sharp increase of energy costs has brought the CRE sector newer and harder challenges and kept us on our toes. The sector has been hit with the perfect storm, rapid changes are needed and being demanded. The 40% of carbon emissions the sector is responsible for must now be challenged, with severe NetZero targets that have to be met, ESG reporting that has led to widespread condemnation of greenwashing and now with EPC deadlines fast approaching the wakeup call has been heard loud and clear.   

Uncertainty from the “New Norm”, what seems like constant travel strikes and working cultures that bombard many companies has been a problem nobody needed on top of the post pandemic growth all had been looking for. The great Liz Truss of course hardly made life easier, but onwards and upwards now for 2023. It’s clear where the focus now needs to be, data and AI will be key enablers of how efficiency is delivered.

The Power of Prediction

2022 brought about big breakthroughs on how we can harness occupancy technology to rapidly improve the operations of commercial buildings. One of our most exciting ventures this year has been working with UCL on building out our artificial intelligence and recurring neural networks to accurately predict occupancy.

But we didn’t stop there, utilising vast historical occupancy data, our systems can forecast occupancy with a high degree of accuracy 48 hours in advance, layering on top how weather effects a buildings performance we can feed data into your BMS in advance to optimise how you cut those enormous energy bills. As we work closer with partners in automated HVAC and lighting systems our focus is to relentlessly automate your building optimisation. What’s clear is that our specialist partners working together have the vast amount of technology needed for change today. As facilities management moves from scheduled systems to data driven solutions, we predict 2023 will be the year that those talking about change, talking about the environment with finally start acting and delivering change.

Creating a Positive Network

 As we’ve said again and again, collaboration is one of the most important components of making a real difference within the CRE sector. Businesses need to put their differences aside and work together to see rapid change. Unifi.id has to sincerely thank the partners we have forged some great relationships and integrations with over the last years, the positivity and energy to engage for the greater good has been inspirational. So thank you all.

2022 did bring fantastic opportunities to collaborate with leading figures and organisations within the CRE and sustainability sectors. In just 2022 alone, we became members of the UK Green Building Council, the Worshipful Company of Constructors, a member of the City of London’s Skills for a Sustainable Skyline Taskforce and a member of the City of London’s Climate Action Group. These are organisations that are leading the way in making our cities smarter and more sustainable.

Here’s to a 2023 that offers even more chance for collaboration, innovation, and rapid change for both the CRE sector and the planet.

Happy New Year.

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