Unifi.id Announces Partnership with DoorFlow

We are thrilled to announce our integration with DoorFlow, to deliver enhanced occupancy technologies for seamless visitor management. DoorFlow is a leader in access control, with intuitive UI and convenient user control systems. Their cloud-based solutions deliver flexible access control across multiple sectors.


At Unifi.id, our goal is to make buildings smarter. With automated building intelligence and long range detection, our occupancy sensors deliver the insights needed to manage buildings better. The real-time data also enables organisations to cut down on energy wastage and make their buildings more efficient. 

Our integration with DoorFlow will provide meshed data-sets to deliver optimised occupancy data at a granular level. The commercial real estate sector is transitioning and when coupled with the rapid expansion of co-working, a new normal has emerged. This new normal has dramatically changed how offices are used, requiring management to fully understand usage of their buildings. 

Through several years working with DoorFlow across multiple clients, this integration is the breakthrough that both companies have been working towards.

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