India to Accelerate Smart City Strategies recently attended the Municipalika Smart and Sustainable Cities Conference in Bengaluru.

In a session on high-rise building risks the panel, including important figures such as India’s Chief Fire Adviser and the Director of Civil Engineering, spoke on the need to deliver new and radically higher standards as the nation begins its presence as a key developer of extensive high-rise buildings.

As the country with the second largest population in the globe, India needs to deliver rapid change and focus on closing its smart cities technology gap.

When looking to China, whose urbanisation and smart city planning has led to hundreds of millions moving from rural areas to large metropolises, India is keen to push forward on their smart city journey.

Policies to build from the very basics up are now being put in place, 100 cities have been identified to be transformed into Smart Cities and will be funded under Prime Minister Modi.

India knows the direction it must head in; the infrastructure, pace, and expertise needed. Its cities must now be planned knowing India will change rapidly, allowing for the cities of today to morph into metropolises in the decades ahead.

The risks and concerns of the built environment are also being tackled by robust new standards. Ultimately, India should position itself as a leader in delivering global standards. looks forward to working in partnership with many of the companies we met at the conference and beginning the integration of data-rich Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions to manage buildings more efficiently.