China Embraces Solutions

The Hangzhou and Gongshu Government in China has exclusively chosen as the first company to award major grants to in Hangzhou. With these grants, they have honoured the idea of opening up a China HQ for


The new exclusive agreement, which promises rent-free offices along with sustainable grants, provides the ability to rapidly grow in China. has been pursuing the prospect of opening a China HQ for a while, as China’s long-term visions align with that of’s, one especially orientated around safety and security.


China seems to be taking extremely seriously the inherent safety issues that are present in all high-rise buildings globally. They are constantly showing a firm interest in matters of security for their high-rise buildings that is able to supply.


The government also sees the urgent need to lower carbon footprint sustainability. This has again resulted in them working with to assess all impacts and solutions possible with’s Smart tech in high-rise buildings, as well as the university sector.


To further the success in China, has also topped in the Top 3 in the 2019 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents in Hangzhou. Out of 130 international companies, came in at 3rd place in the fierce competition that demonstrated the future of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. With CEO & Founder, Paul Sheedy, representing against other leading companies in the competition,’s presentation and solutions were embraced and clearly let impressionable thoughts from those that attended as well as judges. looks forward to prospering in China and continuing to work on Smart solutions with the government in Hangzhou, Gongshu and hopefully many more.

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